iRegister is an Android mobile application which can replace attendance register in schools and colleges. In iRegister, You can do lots of work without wastage of paper or heavy calculation.
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Export in many Format

  • Excel CSV
  • HTML Format
  • Send to Mail (GMail)
  • Upload to Drive (Google)
  • Sync data to server (online storage)
  • Online access of exported data

Import also available

Can import Excel CSV sheet to store students information.
Link: How to convert Excel (.xls / .xlsx) to CSV

Theme & Color

  • 2 Styles (Bold and Lite)
  • 7 Color (Red, Green etc.)
  • 5 Design (Plain, Walled, Round)


  • Store current month data in database.
  • Old months data stores in werehouse.
  • Data can be sync with server (A copy of attendance will saved to server in this feature.)
  • Make your phone a server to share attendance and anything

SMS Report/Notice to Parents

iRegister can send SMS report of student/students to there parents that his/her child is absent if he/she absent since 1,2 or 3 day(s). It also send notice to connected phone

T2T Chat

T2T means "Teacher To Teacher" chat. In this section Teachers can chat and share his/her feelings in front of other teachers.


  • Manage upto 20 classes
  • Password protection as login
  • Powerful calculator than other calculator program and a simple notepad

How to Work

Watch video ( Full Screen Support - Below)


An Ultimate Solution Of #Attendance #Register

iRegister is an Android Mobile Application (Attendance Manager), Which can be used in place of traditional pen and paper based Attendance Register. It is "An Ultimate Solution Of Attendance Register". Any teacher can take his/her students attendance online by just some clicks and we suggest to use as BYOD policy.
iRegister comes in #Top 5 educational app

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